Best Tactical Communications Headsets of 2024 Tactical Communications Headsets | by Deanna Parenti June 19,2024

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Tactical communications headsets are important because they provide connections in hazardous situations. Therefore, choosing a reliable and well-featured headset can save lives. In this article, we will be featuring four headsets:

  • Ops-Core Amps
  • ComTac VI and 3M Peltor SwatTac VI
  • ComTac V with Comms
  • Bose A30 Aviation Headset
  • Invisio T7

Read this guide to see the top tactical communications headset picks for 2024.


Ops-Core AMPs

The Ops-Core AMP Communication headset is a top tactical headset. It features 3D Hear-Through technology which enhances “natural hearing” to improve situational awareness. This headset has quick-release downlead connections, mission-configurable capability, and ergonomic ear seals for adaptability.

This headset was specifically designed for use in the field.

The price of the Ops-Core AMP is higher than most headsets. As the saying goes—you get what you pay for. This headset is the best of the best. It is the headset for anyone looking for ultimate hearing protection. The active noise canceling feature provides unbelievable protection.


  • 1 quick-release removable downlead
  • 3D Hear-Through Technology
  • Mission Configurable Capability
    • Ergonomic Headband
    • Quick Change Rail Mount Kit (sold separately)
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Auto Shutdown
  • Noise Reduction Rating Headset Alone 22DB, SNR 27DB, H 31DB, M 23 DB, L 34DB 
  • Saltwater Immersion IPX7 
  • Environmental MIL-STD-810G 
  • Operating temperature -40 Degrees Celsius to +71 Degrees Celsius 
  • EMI testing standards MIL-STD-461G
  • Weight 0.85LB

Price: $1,664.92



ComTac Vi and Black 3M Peltor Swat-Tac VI with comms

The 3M Peltor ComTac VI communication headset was made to improve your team’s tactical communication with situational awareness. Tactical environments tend to be high noise making clear communication challenging.

The ComTac VI negates this obstacle with high-fidelity speakers, mission audio profiles, and a noise-canceling speech microphone.

These headsets will be a guaranteed payoff. They are tried and true by law enforcement and military bases across the nation. It is the headset to purchase when working long hours from the impressive 350 hours of battery life.  


  • Noise Cancelling (IP68) Speech Microphone for Communication in Noise
  • 350 hours of battery life
  • Noise Reduction Rating of 23
  • VOX hands-free push to talk
  • Improved rubber head strap
  • MAP (Mission Audio Profile)
  • High-fidelity speakers

Price: $1,457.89



ComTac V with Comms

The 3M Peltor ComTac V with communication is a top-rated tactical-use headset. It is well-known for outstanding hearing protection, design flexibility, and comfort. This headset also features an updated boom microphone—the MT33—that provides 18dB in noise cancellation.

This headset can be set apart from the others for its affordable price. Although the price is lower, quality is not sacrificed. The ComTac V offers all of the necessary features for a high-quality communications headset. The only features this headset is missing are 3D hear-through technology and MAP technology.


  • Helps Protect from Hazardous Steady-State and Impulse Noise
  • Clear 2-Way Audio Comms - Radios & Intercoms
  • Environmental Listening for Auditory S.A.
  • “Talk-Through” for Face-to-Face Verbal Conversation
  • Accessory Rail Connection (ARC) Option
  • Engineered to Prevent Cross-talk with DUAL COMMs
  • Noise cancellation
  • High-fidelity speakers

Price: $949.97



Bose A30 Aviation Headset:

The Bose A30 was designed for aviation purposes. It can also be used for tactical applications. The extensive noise cancellation features make this a great headset for clear transmission.

This headset can be set apart from the other options from its features of convenience. Not only can you change the microphone and cable orientation, but it also has a tap control for talk-through comms. For those purchasing for teams where headsets will be changing hands, the Bose A30 is a flexible option.


  • Bluetooth
  • Side swapping cable and mic
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Lightweight and low clamping force for long wear and comfort
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • FAA TSO and EASA E/TSO-C139a certified
  • Audio clarity with active equalization

Price: $1,299



Invisio T7:

The Invisio T7 is a “submersible and lightweight tactical over-the-ear hearing protection headset”. This headset was made for diverse environments and uses, always providing clear and consistent communication.

This headset is significantly lighter than the above options making it great for those wearing headsets for long hours. Even a small amount of weight can make a huge difference in comfort levels.


  • 28dB SNR hearing protection
  • Situational awareness
  • Weighs 347 grams
  • MIL-STD-810G
  • Interchangeable headband, neckband, and helmet mount
  • Submersible up to 10 meters
  • Operational at 12,000 meters in altitude

Price: $1,000+



Thank you for taking the time to read this guide highlighting the top tactical communications headsets for 2024. We hope we provided the necessary information to determine which headset is the best option to keep your team connected.

If you have any questions about the headsets including radio compatibility, please feel free to reach out to our team of experts!

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