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Assured Wireless


Assured Wireless was founded in 2016 with a goal to deliver communications solutions in the most demanding environments.

Our high-power user equipment (HPUE) breakthroughs are driving innovation from the test labs and into the field. We build the technology that provides FirstNet customers and mission-critical enterprises with the most reliably connected broadband devices ever branded as AT&T FirstNet® MegaRange™. Our solutions use higher power to extend the range and reach of user devices so that they perform in the most remote areas, and deep inside structures where other devices fail to connect.



  • Provides
    • 10 times the power
      • Results achieved with Belgian Shepherd
    • 2 times the coverage area of traditional wireless WAN routers
  • You get
    • Enough bandwidth to stream video directly from the field over FirstNet band 14
    • Real-time situational awareness including QoS, priority, and preemption over-the-air and in the network core
    • More reliable location and navigation services
    • Biometrics and health monitoring delivered in hard-to-reach environments



  • Meets FCC, and AT&T FirstNet requirements
  • Provides data rates of 600 Mbps downloads and 150 Mbps upload (network dependent)
  • Directly connects to WAN port on your existing router to deliver the best coverage and throughput in coverage challenged areas

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Address 16885 W Bernardo Dr. #300, San Diego, CA 92127
Telephone +1 858-859-2942
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About Author

Nick Hohman - Admin

Nick has 15 years of experience working within the critical communications industry and has a proven track record of success providing solutions to public safety communications professionals. Nick is an avid writer who has been frequently published on numerous industry-specific websites.  Below is a sample of Nick's writing portfolio: 

Improving Communications within law enforcement  What FirstNet means for the future of land mobile radios How hurricanes can cause havoc on law enforcement communications 

Nick regularly attends critical communication-centric conferences including the International Wireless Conference, APCO Conference, and International Police Chiefs Conference. 

Mr. Hohman has a BA in Business Administration from the University of Baltimore.  During his free time, Nick enjoys playing cards, traveling, and spending time with his family.


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