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For the last four years, communications companies have been working to create networks that are exclusive to first responders. AT&T and Verizon are two of the prominent communications companies that have taken this initiative.


In 2017, Firstnet was created and partnered with AT&T in 2018. Firstnet by At&T is built for all public safety, both those who are full-time workers and volunteers. They strive to cover public responders on the federal, tribal, state, local, urban, suburban, and rural levels. Firstnet wants to provide reliable connectivity that is uninterrupted. Moreover, they want to ensure that first responders have access to modern communication tools for every day and every emergency.

Firstnet is continuing to grow with success. Recently, the Los Angeles Police Department signed a contract with the network to give their police officers clear and reliable connections. The City of Cambridge, a part of Boston Metropolitan, also decided to sign on with Firstnet. Cambridge’s police, EMS, and other first responders will be using the Firstnet connection.


Following in Firstnet’s footsteps, Verizon began Frontline in March 2021. Frontline was started in an effort to provide response solutions like response connectivity, operations, devices, and equipment. Verizon’s motto for Frontline is “do more with less”. Frontline prioritizes strength through simplicity.

Early on in 2021, Texas experienced tragic natural disasters. Verizon’s Frontline network was on the scene providing communication support and connection. Read more about this here. In addition to natural disaster response, Frontline puts first responders first.

The Verizon First Responder Advisory Council or VFRAC is the group at Frontline that is comprised of current and retired first responders. The council gives advice and feedback to Verizon about the network and devices provided to ensure that Frontline addresses the first responder’s needs.


Both AT&T Firstnet and Verizon Frontline are businesses looking to support public safety workers through great communication. Read this article to determine which public safety communications program is right for your team.

Network Size:

When choosing what company is right for your team, you may be concerned about the size of their networks. Are you a smaller operation, maybe a local town that still needs great connection but wants to still be a priority? Or, maybe you’re a large organization that needs to be sure that every person will be covered.


Firstnet is a large organization due to the longevity of the company. Thus far, Firstnet has 2.71 million square miles covered for clear connection. Within that extensive area, 15,000 agencies and organizations are supported by Firstnet. Lastly, the organization has more than 2 million connections nationwide.


Verizon currently has a network of 372 million people. Moreover, Verizon's 4G network covers over 2.68 million square miles. Lastly, Verizon also has 100 percent battery backup across all macro cell sites in the U.S. 




Equipment offered:


Firstnet offers a wide range of the newest and most popular technology available. From Apple phones to Cradlepoint routers, Firstnet has your best interest in mind.



Verizon’s Frontline also provides the best communications technology available with a prioritization on durability and ruggedness.

Are they on or going to be on 5G?

Currently, both AT&T and Verizon are working on supporting 5G technology across the entire company.


As of August 15th, Firstnet is working to expand its 5G network. According to the announcement, “By the end of 2021, we expect to offer 5G+ connectivity in parts of more than 40 cities and 40 venues”. This is a big step for AT&T and Firstnet ensuring that their clients stay in touch and have the latest technology.


Verizon’s Frontline does offer 5G. Although Frontline is fairly new, Verizon is not new to 5G technology; the company is currently the leader for building towers and running the race to 5G connections. Verizon also provides customers with comprehensive information about the benefits of 5G, how it works, and how it can improve government communications. To access this information head here.


AT&T Firstnet and Verizon Frontline are great companies to choose between when looking to provide reliable communications for first responders. Both networks are private connections that are uninterrupted by the public. They both provide great opportunities with modern technology. If you’re looking for a provider that is based on longevity then AT&T Firstnet might be your company; on the other hand, if you are looking for a company that takes clear input from fellow first responders then Verizon Frontline could be your choice.

Nevertheless, as shown throughout this article, there are several ideas that need to be considered like network size, equipment options, price, and 5G availability. We hope this article provided the necessary information for your organization to make the right decision.

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