CPD briefs FCC Commissioner on how they bring safety communication to rural Wyoming areas Latest Industry News | by Nick Hohman - Admin June 06,2022

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REPOSTED FROM Wyoming News Now and written by Travis Mitchell

CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - Tuesday May 31, the Casper Police Department was visited by Brendan Carr who is one of the commissioners for the Federal Communications Commission. The Commissioner was joined for this presentation by U.S Senator John Barrasso.

The CPD discussed how they have partnered with FirstNet and AT&T to help officers and emergency responders boost safety communications in rural and remote areas. Commissioner Carr and Senator Barrasso also toured FirstNet’s SatCOLT truck which can be deployed to increase broadband strength for emergencies such as natural disasters, like wild fires, in remote locations. It can also be used for large gatherings and events where cell phone service may be overused and weakened.

In 2017 The Casper Police Department was the first law enforcement agency in the U.S to adopt and partner with AT&T and FirstNet.

“We’re absolutely taking steps that are necessary so that we’re prepared in the event that we need to expand law enforcements reach outside of the jurisdiction of the city of Casper. Something that happens on, seemingly, at least a weekly basis,” said Casper Police Chief Keith McPheeters.

All officers carry devices that are linked to the FirstNet services. This means that the Department can get real time, live data from officers in the field.

Chief McPheeters also said, “Right now we can call up any one of our police vehicles, know where it’s at, know the condition of that vehicle, know the specific data of that vehicle. We know where our officer is standing so that if an officer was in need of help we could get help to that officer.”

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