First Source Wireless Partners with Silynx Communication to Provide Tactical In-Ear Headsets Latest Industry News | by Deanna Parenti March 26,2021

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First Source Wireless introduced its lineup of Silynx Communications in-ear headset, Clarus Pro and Clarus XPR, that provide hearing protection and communications to military and law enforcement sectors. In-ear headsets provide the user with hearing protection, hearing enhancements for situational awareness, and a distinct sound profile through an in-ear microphone.

Benefits of Using Silynx In-Ear Headsets:

  • The in-ear microphone allows for better detection of your voice compared to bone conduction giving clear audio of what you want to hear.
  • Less obstruction. Fits easily in your ears with or without a helmet.
  • Lightweight design makes for better use in warmer weather.
  • The earbud sleek design ensures a comfortable fit and won’t fall out of your ear.

“As a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of tactical, in-ear headset systems, Silynx Communications, Inc. relies on its partnerships to succeed in enhancing communications capabilities of military, law enforcement, and industrial professionals.” Says Theresa Nguyen, Silynx Communications. “We are excited to partner with First Source Wireless so that we can continue our growth within these markets.”

The partnership brings the popular Silynx In-Ear Headset, Clarus Pro, and Clarus XPR, to the First Source Wireless product line. The two headsets are compatible with two-way radios including Harris XG-100, Harris XG-185, Harris XL-200, Kenwood TK, and NX series, Vertex Standard VX820, and Motorola APX. The product includes a Clarus Control Box, with push-to-talk single comms, an in-ear headset, and a two-way radio adapter cable.

“Upon reviewing the performance of headsets in the public safety sector, we noticed a demand for a wider variety of in-ear headsets,” Says Taylor Thomas, Marketing Analyst for First Source Wireless. “We’re fortunate to partner with Silynx Communications and provide an advanced and unique headset to our tactical customers.”

Silynx Communications designs and manufactures tactical in-ear headsets that provide hearing protection, enhancement, and communication capabilities. Silynx headsets are used by US and International militaries, law enforcement, and public safety forces. Silynx is committed to the innovation and improvement of these headsets to meet the changing requirements of operators.

About First Source Wireless:

Founded in 2003, First Source Wireless is a tactical headset and antenna dealer with partnerships with 3M Peltor, Pulse Larsen Antenna Solutions, Waveband Communications, and PCTEL Antenna. First Source Wireless provides optimal wireless solutions to law enforcement, military, and public safety professionals worldwide.

Source: First Source Wireless Partners with Silynx Communication to Provide Tactical In-Ear Headsets

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