Tango Networks Solution Brings Mobile Unified Communications to Frontline and Deskless Workers Latest Industry News | by Deanna Parenti September 12,2022

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FRISCO, Texas & LEEDS, England--()--Tango Networks today announced that its Tango Extend™ service enables companies to provide mobile unified communications to frontline workers and deskless workers such as delivery and in-home service personnel, many for the first time.

“Tango Extend solves this problem by embedding the equivalent of a business desk phone into each employee’s personal mobile. Now these workers are tied into the corporate communications platform no matter where they go.”

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Tango Extend is an award-winning service that turns any personal Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phone into a fully featured business line. Now delivery and service personnel and other on-the-go workers can send and receive calls and texts using business numbers, dramatically improving communications with customers and clients and overall communications efficiency.

“The frontline workforce is traditionally out of scope of the corporate communications platform. That leads to confusion for customers when they get calls from these workers’ personal numbers, leading to missed appointments, extra cost and a poor customer experience,” said Andrew Bale, Tango Networks Executive Vice President. “Tango Extend solves this problem by embedding the equivalent of a business desk phone into each employee’s personal mobile. Now these workers are tied into the corporate communications platform no matter where they go.”

Tango Extend turns a SIM in an eSIM-enabled phone into a business line without requiring any apps or on-phone clients. Employees use their phones’ native interfaces to send and receive business calls and texts using the company identity and numbers. The service features simple provisioning of a new eSIM business line merely by scanning a QR code.

Tango Extend then creates dual user personas for business and personal use on separate eSIMs. The business eSIM is integrated into the company’s mobile unified communications platform, turning the eSIM into a business line.

Business voice and text communications use the business-controlled eSIM and the business identity and phone number. Meanwhile, personal communications use the personal eSIM and personal identity and number, remaining private and separate.

The service permits all business calls and texts to be captured and recorded for retention or to monitor customer service quality. Now with Tango Extend frontline employees are directly tied to the corporate communications platform, including workers in sales, in-home repair and installation services, in-home care services, as well as deskless and roving employees in delivery and logistics, warehousing, retail, and many other sectors.

Winner of more than 12 best new product awards and channel supplier citations, Tango Extend utilizes Tango Networks’ fixed-mobile convergence technologies covered by more than 90 patents.

Businesses use Tango Extend solutions for mobile unified communications (Mobile UC)Mobile First and Mobile Only communications. The solution enables businesses to operate work-from-home, hybrid and work-from-anywhere programs while retaining communications control and compliance.

Tango Extend is sold through Tango Networks’ value-added resellers and communications service provider partners.

Tango Extend is a trademark of Tango Networks, Inc.


Adam Boone, Vice President of Strategic Planning
1.469.920.2127, adamboone@tango-networks.com

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