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The critical communications industry is built on professionals who are consistently pushing for more effective, efficient, and safe communications technology. Engineers work to ensure that emergency responders can stay in touch with one another within dangerous environments. They develop technology that keeps people connected, both the public and those protecting the public.

Assured Wireless is a company that embodies the above ideals within the critical communications community. In 2016, a team of professionals with more than 140 combined years of experience in communications technology, management, and business development, began Assured Wireless.

“Assured Wireless Corporation was founded to deliver reliable communications solutions in the most demanding environments. “

Since 2016, Assured Wireless has been at the top of the industry, striving for and achieving innovation to create durable technology. Specifically, Assured Wireless engineers have excelled in the category of HPUE or high power user equipment. This type of equipment is intended for first responders, for it increases LTE cellular network devices’ transmission powers by six times.

First responders like EMTs, police, firefighters, and search and rescue teams need reliable communication that can hold up in the most challenging environments. HPUE technology has paved the way for the efficient communication that is necessary in today’s world.


An example of Assured Wireless’ forward-looking technology is their AW12 High Power LTE Modem.

The AW12 meets FCC (federal communications commission) requirements. This is ideal for both government workers and individual users. Moreover, it reaches AT&T FirstNet requirements.

With download data rates of 600 Mbps and 150 Mbps uploads, the AW12 is efficient which makes emergency workers’ jobs easier and safer. The AW12 also has convenient features like the ability to directly connect to the WAN port on your existing router. This connection can deliver the best coverage and throughput in coverage-challenged areas.

The AW12 High Power LTE modem is an example of Assured Wireless ingenuity with HPUE. AW12’s HPUE build offers “enhanced LTE range, coverage, and data speeds”. This is very important for emergency centers like hospitals and police stations.

Emergency buildings and police stations are often located in areas with dense populations. The higher population, the more people trying to connect to similar networks causing network congestion. The AW12 can fight against network overload by multiplying the coverage, LTE range, and data speeds by six.

“The AW12 provides better connectivity than any other existing broadband LTE device meeting your critical mission requirements.”

Assured Wireless technology is made for emergency responders. To learn more about the company and how to get in contact with them to make a purchase or ask a question, click HERE to visit their listing on the Mission Critical Communications Review business directory.

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