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Teledyne FLIR, Bosch Technologies, and Honeywell Technology are MCCR’s picks for the top security companies. Each company boasts historical experience, ingenuity, and efficiency. They have the best cameras on the market for businesses, corporations, and high-security organizations like the military.

Read this article to learn about the top-of-the-line security cameras on the market with unique features like “explosion-proof”.

Teledyne FLIR:

Teledyne FLIR is known by its catchphrase—the world’s sixth sense. The cameras Teledyne FLIR makes lives up to this motto. FLIR’s goal is to enhance perception and awareness for all users. As a result, they primarily create technology to serve government, defense, industrial, and commercial markets.

They intend to help, “first responders and military personnel protect and save lives, promote efficiency within the trades, and innovate consumer-facing technologies”. Teledyne FLIR’s goal is to strengthen public safety initiatives through high-quality cameras that address unique situations and needs.

In 1978, the company began as FLIR Systems, which is how many users know them today. The history of the company adds to its reputation because FLIR has always been based on thermal imaging technology.

In 2021, FLIR rebranded to Teledyne FLIR after being acquired by Teledyne Technologies. The acquisition of FLIR Systems happened because of their expertise in thermal imaging security cameras.

Today, Teledyne FLIR has fourteen thermal cameras to choose from when looking to make a purchase. Within the 14, 8 can record temperature measurements. This is an asset for businesses that use heavy machinery that can potentially overheat and catch on fire. In this situation, a Teledyne FLIR camera can alert a business owner of any temperatures exceeding the temperatures programmed by the user.

MCCR’s top 3 Teledyne FLIR thermal camera choices:

  • Triton A310 PT
  • Saros DH-390 Dome
  • Elara FC-series R

Bosch Technologies:

Bosch Technologies is all about creating technology that helps your building work more efficiently and sustainably. Robert Bosch, the engineer, and inventor who worked alongside Thomas Edison was the founder of Bosch Technologies.

Today, Bosch Technologies continues to live up to the Bosch mentality, “We should all strive to improve on the status quo: none of us should ever be satisfied with what has been achieved but should always endeavor to do better.” This quote is in large print on their website.

Bosch Technologies has been around for over one hundred years. They are rooted in the critical communications industry. Bosch started in 1920 as an emergency call center in Hamburg, Germany.

In the early 2000s, the company strengthened its knowledge of video security equipment by acquiring a number of companies. They acquired Detection Systems, Philips Communication Security Imaging, and Telex Communications. Today, Bosch Security and Safety Systems is a pillar in the public safety and critical communications communities.

Bosch Technologies is known for cameras that last, deliver smart data, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. Recently, Bosch invested in its engineers to develop starlight technology. This innovative technology they invented aids in creating cameras that work well in low-light settings.

MCCR’s top 3 Bosch Technologies Low Light Cameras:

  • PTZ 2MP HDR 30X clean in-ceiling (Autodome IP Starlight 5000l)
  • Flexidome Panoramic 5100l (fixed dome 12MP 360)
  • Dinion IP Starlight 7000 HD (Fixed camera IMP HDR)

Honeywell Technology:

Honeywell Technology believes, “your building is more than an address”. Over the decades of business, Honeywell has supported commercial offices, stores, schools, hospitals, airports, and arenas—all places that need top-notch security.

Honeywell makes technology that can dynamically adapt for the well-being of the workers. A primary goal for Honeywell Technology is to improve the quality of life. In a video about Honeywell, an employee stated, “A building is more than just concrete and steel but a complex and complicated ecosystem of technology that makes it work and the people who bring it to life”.

For over one hundred years, Honeywell has embodied this message. During the century of business, Honeywell Technology has developed over 35,000 patents. From the first moon mission to innovation during the COVID-19 pandemic, Honeywell is a reliable company that the public can trust with their safety.

Today, Honeywell continues to uphold its original ingenuity by creating rugged security cameras. The collection of ruggedized cameras includes one that is even explosion-proof. At MCCR, we went through Honeywell’s rugged cameras and chose three that we think are the best of the best. 

MCCR’s top 3 Honeywell Technology Rugged Cameras:

  • equIP Series 1080p Rugged Indoor/Outdoor Mini Dome Camera
  • Explosion-Proof IP PTZ camera
  • equIP Series Low-Light IP Rugged Bullet Camera



When purchasing equipment for your business that is not only expensive but also used to protect your workers and business assets, you want to make sure you are getting the best equipment. Often, with high-stakes equipment like security cameras, a priority is knowing you are purchasing from a company that has a history of vast experience and knowledge.

Teledyne FLIR, Bosch Technologies, and Honeywell Technology are all amazing companies with expansive knowledge in camera making, security, and critical communications. These are companies you can trust will create top-of-the-line security cameras for your business. We hope this article provided the necessary information you need to take the next step in protecting your business. 

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