Waveband Communications Wins Contract Award for TACOM Latest Industry News | by Deanna Parenti September 19,2022

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On August 9, 2022, Waveband Communications was awarded a contract with the U.S. Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command or TACOM. Waveband Communications, a notable critical communications equipment provider, will be supplying TACOM with 250 two-way radio accessories.

The accessories include equipment ranging from durable speaker microphones to two-way radio battery chargers. This contract will enable TACOM to have the necessary equipment to improve its communications and ensure it can do its best in aiding the U.S. Army.

About TACOM:

The U.S. Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command is a subordinate command of Army Material Command. TACOM manages the Army’s equipment supply chain—this covers the gathering of regular equipment, repairs, and upgrades. They also oversee the Army’s manufacturing arsenals and maintenance depots; therefore, communications equipment to support two-way radio usage is necessary.

Those who work at TACOM include industrial artisans, engineers, senior logisticians, and business analysts. This combination makes for a very comprehensive and thorough work environment which is exactly what is needed when aiding the U.S. Army.

“When the force needs critical components delivered, whether at home or abroad, it depends on TACOM” (CITE).

Introduce the equipment:

Waveband Communications’ contract with TACOM involves supplying a count of 250 two-way radio accessories. The order includes batteries, speaker microphones, belt clips, desktop chargers, and earpieces. Below is a detailed list of items included in the contract:

  • 40 WX-MPA3VLI Harris Battery
  • 70 WX-8004-E5 Waveband Series Rugged Heavy Duty Public Safety Microphone for Harris XL-200
  • 80 XL-HC3L Waveband Belt Clip for Harris XL-200 Portable Radios
  • 10 WVX-XL200SSC Waveband Single Pocket Desktop Charger for Harris XL-200 Portable Radio
  • 50 WV1-10282 Receive-Only Earpiece with Coil Cord and Right-Angle Plug

The Harris Battery is a lithium battery made to maximize the performance of your Harris XL-200 portable radio. This battery has been tested by the U.S. military, police forces, and fire departments to determine that it is approved for critical communications applications. Waveband Communications’ batteries are manufactured with the highest quality components. With these specifications, the Harris Battery is a reliable choice for TACOM.

Similarly, the Waveband Series Rugged Heavy Duty Public Safety Microphone is made to last. This speaker microphone features IP-67 standards meaning it is durable evening during high humidity, cold and hot temperatures, drops, and more. Waveband made sure this speaker mic is noise canceling with a front-firing high-volume speaker. This speaker mic is perfect for TACOM operations.

The Waveband Single Pocket Desktop Charger is a great example of a rapid battery charger. This charger is useful for settings like TACOM because individual radio users can have a charger on their own desk or workplace.

Lastly, the Waveband Belt Clip and the Waveband Receive-Only Earpiece with Coil Cord and Right-Angle Plug are the last two-way radio accessories that TACOM purchased. The belt clip is a great purchase because it makes two-way radio communications accessible and hands-free.

The Waveband Earpiece is the perfect accessory for ensuring consistent and clear communications. With an earpiece, two-way radio users have a higher probability of hearing every communication properly. Proper communication is of utmost importance in a place like TACOM; therefore, earpieces are a must.


Waveband Communications is a small business that is proud to provide top-notch two-way radio accessories to public safety, military, law enforcement, and industrial sectors. The awarded contract between Waveband Communications and the U.S. Army Tank-Automotive and Armament Command is a great opportunity.


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